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Coach Wemple was my track and field coach during my first two years in college. His program provided a safe place to transition from a high school athlete into a successful division I student-athlete. He set long term goals but understood the importance of taking steps to reach them. Controlling the amount of immediate change in my training such as a drastic increase in mileage protected me from getting injured.  Under his training I was continuingly improving and was able to see the results of our work by running faster times and improving my finishing place in races. He created an environment where improvement and success were fostered. 

-Gina V., May 2012

Rick has helped me greatly improve my strength as well as cardio conditioning in just three months of training with him in 2012.  He has really emphasized an individual approach and incorporates my personal interests and goals into the training plans he puts together for me.  He has become a solid confidant as well.

-Mark D, March 2012

-Encouraging: Incredibly encouraging and keeps me going when I'm ready to give up. Great with saying things like "You've got it. Keep going!" Always gets me back on the right track.

-Supportive: Supportive of the fitness journey, constantly checks in to see how I'm doing when I'm away from the fitness studio. You acts like a friend, more so than a scary trainer and you're there to see me do well.

-Educated: You know a lot about fitness and personal training and it's very obvious in how you plan the workouts, from the stretches we do before and after and how you help me to continue when I'm away.

-Flexible: From timing of days and adjusting to my needs the day of a workshop, he's great at adjustment. Also great at adjusting to what I cannot and can do during a particular workout circuit.

-Positive: Never negative, from your own life to what we're doing during at the personal training studio. Always looking on the positive side and celebrating small successes.

I think that you're absolutely fabulous at what you do. I consider myself so lucky to have you in my life!  

- Molly A,  Sept 2012

Rick has been a great personal “coach” to me. I told him I wanted to lose 10 lbs., keep it off, and be physically healthy. We went over workouts and he helped me not only with my form but also with knowing what to do in the gym to maximize my time. He took measurements of me and kept track and has been a great motivator. I highly recommend Rick and his personal training, because I’m now much stronger and actually have lost over 25 lbs. since that first conversation.

– Tim S, Oct 2012


As a trainer I would describe you as very client-centered with a focused empathy, along with a hopeful compassion for physical change and body health for people struggling with injuries. I am glad that you are helping me on this journey!

-Kat B, Nov 2012


I know I very much appreciate how comprehensive you are, taking into account my IT band situation and working with/around what my PT and chiropractor "mandate." And also the fact that you meet people where they are (I'm especially thinking of us "non-athletes") and offer encouragement regardless of how far off they may think "better shape" is. An inch of progress is still progress.

-Karen K,  Nov 2012

Rick coached me for running events in my mid-twenties. I would describe my experience working with Rick as motivating and challenging but paced smartly so I stayed healthy! It was easy to approach Rick
to discuss the coaching plan. He addressed my questions readily. I really appreciated our first meeting in which Rick had me clarify my goals. I felt like Rick had great knowledge about healthy and effective training programs that would get me to my goals. As a result, it was easy to trust in his coaching. Rick was able to see my strengths physically and helped me focus my training on that for greater success. Rick was one of the best coaches I have ever worked with. I can highly recommend him as a coach and trainer.

-Molly E, former Georgetown University runner, Nov 2012

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